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LifeScience rocks our lives.

Whatever we do, wherever we perform, we are dependent on the human bodies neurophysiological and musculoskeletal system.

We consult: is an interdisciplinary and integrative hub for a holistic understanding of human health. Such a holistic and interdisciplinary approach offers a comprehensive view on physiological and psychological health and allows to design tailored countermeasures to improve performance.

We research: With accumulated 40 years of PostDoc experience we offer a unique portfolio of research techniques to answer your questions. With clients ranging from the European astronaut corps to German Special Forces and elite athletes form different nations we have accompanied individuals and institutions in enhancing their performance through research.

We educate: It is a major focus to highlight the translational value of lifescience research by education. We love to talk about our research and we have a number of sexy stories. Beside we are engaged in setting up partnerships with companies, federations and clubs to develop their own sports education system. On a regular basis we offer workshops to specific topics as neuro-athletic training, neuromuscular performance or adaptation to extreme environments.

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